Constant Crushing Programme

Ore Sizer (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of the Constant Crushing Programme.

The programme is designed to maximise aggregate production and facilitate the acquisition of plant during the current economic climate, at a time when most aggregate providers are forced to impose restrictions on capital expenditure. The programme comes in the form of an operating lease that covers the provision of an OM series VSI crusher and covers all wear parts, service and labour costs for a five-year term (with an optional three year term if preferred).

The tangible benefits of choosing the programme over capital expenditure are:

  • No additional costs for service, wear part or labour (all included)
  • Predictable monthly outlay (no surprises)
  • Minimum risk of stoppages (maximum productivity)
  • Positive cash flow (cash assets stay in the bank)
  • 100% depreciation against corporation tax (instead of just 25% for Cap Ex)

At the end of the five year term you have the option to either review the agreement or to buy the crusher outright (we estimated the price will be between 15%-25% of current list). This means you get a fully maintained crusher at a fraction of today’s purchase price plus you give yourself the best possible opportunity to ride the present economic storm.

The following example illustrates a typical hard rock quarry with a normal eight hour day production

No of working hours per year 2,000 hrs
Production output – tons per hour 200 tonnes
Product retail per ton (conservative estimate) £13.00
Monthly commitment to finance (source Jelf Group plc Jan 2009) £5,100
Number of hours production per month required to cover commitment 2 hrs

If the present economic climate restricts your company’s capital expenditure plans you could still get the plant you want when you want it.

What’s more, the programme’s not just restricted to Ore Sizer products. Using our thirty five years quarrying experience, we at Ore Sizer are able to manage and deliver multiple manufacturer plant projects through co-operation with our industry associates and our extensive dealer network.

So, if there is any plant acquisition you need but can’t do it because of capital expenditure restrictions, it might be worth talking to us?

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