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Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid is a rugged, low-cost mobile unit for use on the quarry pit floor to eliminate over-sized rock particles prior to crushing. The Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid is versatile and light (4 tonnes) and can be positioned easily using readily available plant.Take a look at the 10 minute video below to fully appreciate the ease of mobility of the Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid and the versatility of functionality.
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The Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid is used in aggregate recovery where it would typically be to positioned over the feed conveyor to a third or forth stage crushering machine. In this instance it is used to eliminate potentially troublesome oversized particles, or to capture rouge elements such as rubbish or foreign bodies e.g. tools in the feed.
More recently the Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid is proving popular in the construction material recycling and waste management industry. Here the grid is used to eliminate low grade soil/clay backfill or landfill grade material leaving behind clean,  graded material ready for crushing. As separation of landfill grade material can be achieved very early on in the processing of construction waste the grid is extremely beneficial to the user wishing to quickly comply with the recently introduced (April 2008) government legislation Site Waste Management Programme (SWMP) find out more
Ore Sizer (UK) Ltd is the official manufacturer and distributor for Vimelco OY (Finland) primary scalping grid products in the UK and Ireland