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vsi crushers Date: Tuesday 1st April 2008
Location: Hadley Recycling and Waste Management Transfer Station, Theale
Application: The Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid
The Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid was demonstrated today at Hadley's Recycling & Waste Management based at Theale to representatives of the UK's construction material waste recycling industry.
vsi crushers In the first demonstration the grid was used to separate waste construction material of mixed size and shape containing a high content of fines and topsoil. The material was quickly and easily processed by tipping directly onto the the grid by the bucket driver. It is also possible to tip directly from the delivery vehicle.
vsi crushers The Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid was positioned by the bucket driver who was able to cleanly pick it up from the delivery vehicle by using the bucket edge. The grid is simplicity itself with no moving parts or power requirements.
vsi crushers The screened undersized product (-50mm) was deemed ideal for use in backfill situations.  After the demonstration the grid bars were clean and ready for re-use requiring no intervention from Hadley's support team.
vsi crushers The demonstration illustrated, how by using the Ore Sizer primary scalping grid with the bars set in the 50mm position, it is possible to completely bypass the primary screening process, saving time, effort and costs producing clean, oversized product ready for primary crushing.
vsi crushers In the second demonstration the bars were re-set at 100mm and used to separate low-grade, mixed construction material from heavy clay soil, a traditionally troublesome mixture requiring a great deal of man/machine interaction by constantly having to clean out power screens.
vsi crushers The Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid succeeded in producing clean oversize ready for crushing. The majority of the clay and topsoil passed through the grid with little or no clogging between the bars. Any trapped particles were quickly removed by flicking the bars by hand
vsi crushers The graded backfill material contained rubble particles up to 100mm. This material could easily be further graded by resetting the bars to 50mm (minimum setting) producing clean crushable material 50-100mm and finer backfill.

Other models of the Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid are available including a track-mounted version for use directly at the extraction face, minimising product movement on site and maximising efficiency.

Ore Sizer (UK) Ltd. is the authorised manufacturer and distributor of the Vimelco (OY) WBG scalping grid for the United Kingdom and Ireland