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Ore Sizer VSI Crushers
Ore Sizer VSI Crushers

Ore Sizer VSI Crushers  ::  Added value through innovative design

Ore Sizer adds significant value to your business by providing a comprehensive series of VSI Crushers that cater for all output rates ranging from outputs of between 30 and 600 tonnes per hour. The Ore Sizer VSI Crusher series offers many unique and innovative solution to the task of mineral and ore extraction. Due to its innovative design the Ore Sizer VSI Crusher offers the lowest running cost of any competitive crusher on the market. With the aid of its unique split hydraulic ram top and rotor configuration wear parts can be replaced easily and quickly offering the least possible downtime from crushing.
With output size and shape designed to match today's construction material requirements, a proven history of reliable, high value, cost effective solutions PLUS new products in the design stage Ore Sizer is set to significantly extend its global market share by positioning itself as a value rich partner to aggregate, recycling and waste construction material marketplace.  [:: find out more ::]

Operating Lease Options

Full off-balance financing options with no capital outlay or expense. Fully offset against corporation tax each year.

Constant Crushing Programme

New to 2009 is the introduction of the Ore Sizer Constant Crushing Programme which affords the customer many financial, operational and productivity benefits. The objective of the programme is to minimise downtime, maximize productivity and promote positive cash flow. Subscribers of the programme can recover the monthly cost of crushing within the first few days of production. Predictive wear part replacement, regular mechanical and electrical service checks combined with many off-balance financial incentives makes the Constant Crushing Programme a must have for production sites wishing to maximise their output [:: find out more ::]

Primary Scalping Grid

The Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid is the simplest and fastest way to eliminate unwanted material prior to primary crushing. Simplicity itself, the grid has no mechanical, electrical or power requirements and can handle any size or shape of feed material separating oversize from 50mm upwards in increments of 50mm. The Vimelco primary scalping grid can be used in aggregate production, construction material recycling or just to remove clay and soil from mineral deposits. The Vimelco Primary Scalping Grid is the ultimate low-cost, low-tech, low maintenance and reliable component of the crushing and screening process available today [:: find out more ::]

Custom Fabrication

The Ore Sizer fabrication team uses its experience in crusher manufacturer to offer a bespoke, custom fabrication facility for steel, stainless aluminium welding and fabrication work.  Projects have included steel doors, gantries, stairways, pipe work, feed hoppers, silos, tanks and many other applications [:: find out more ::]
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