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Ore Sizer VSI Crushers
Ore Sizer VSI Crushers
6th April 2008 - New legislation introduced by the DTI to regulate site waste management
Anyone planning a construction project costing more than 300,000 in England  must now legally comply with new legislation introduced by the DTI. Termed the SWMP (Site Waste Management Programme) the legislation is designed to manage and control waste processing and to minimise landfill waste and environmental impact.
All good stuff, except that individuals are now liable to prosecution and fines of up to 50,000 if they do not comply with the new legislation. In addition, fixed penalty notices of 300 can be served on individuals that the authorised enforcer (from Local Council or Environmental Agency) believe that they have intentionally obstructed anyone acting in the execution of these regulations.
The rationale of a  typical SWMP follows five clear steps, according to guidelines from NetRegs
Step 1: Eliminate - avoid producing waste in the first place
Step 2: Reduce - minimise the amount of waste
Step 3: Re-use - use items as many times as possible
Step 4: Recycle - recycle what you can only after you have re-used it
Step 5: Dispose - dispose of what is left responsibly
Ore Sizer VSI Crushers
( is a free confidential government website that provides  guidance to small businesses on environmental legislation)
What is implied from this process is that disposable waste is the final by-product from the previous four activities. If so, then disposable material is handled many times over before it is deemed waste, with the associated costs applicable. There is however an alternative to this process.
Ore Sizer (UK) Ltd. is the authorised manufacturer and distributor of the Vimelco (OY) WBG scalping grid for the United Kingdom and Ireland [:: email here ::] and was demonstrated recently at Hadley's Recycling & Waste Management based at Theale. The demonstration showed how it is possible to easily remove waste material from difficult materials that comprise reusable and recyclable material and topsoil or clay mixture.
Being able to achieve this up front has the following benefits to both recycler and the demolition/construction company alike. Below is an example of how a dual grid system set individually at 150mm and 50mm can eliminate minus 50mm material usually consigned to landfill/backfill, right from the beginning as it arrives on site, conveying away clean crushable material for recycled aggregate production.
By deploying the Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid early on in the waste management cycle you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by separating the usable material from the unusable
  • cut down on energy consumption by reducing the handling of waste material
  • increase the take-up of recycled materials by eliminating the non-recyclable material early on
  • manage material more efficiently by immediately reducing the handling requirement
  • reduce the disposal cost for waste by simply reducing the amount of waste itself
  • reduce the risk of prosecution (and ultimately being fined) by making your SWMP more manageable
  • itemise the environmental saving by accurately quantifying the recycled amount returned
  • make cost reductions all round by removing waste or landfill product early on in the cycle
[:: Email here to find out more about the Ore Sizer Primary Scalping Grid ::]
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