OM Series VSI Crushers


The Ore Sizer OM 50 is the ideal unit for the small to medium producer with a production capacity for 30 to 150 ton per hour of aggregate and sands depending on installed power. This single drive unit is a very flexible VSI with a choice of four different rotor sizes and configuration. This OM 50 is a highly efficient third stage tertiary crusher with a lot of flexibility, with the ability to produce a large range of products for the medium size producer.


The Ore Sizer OM 80 with medium to high production capacity is the machine for the average producer with high demands than available from the OM 50 with capacity of 60 to 350 tons per hour depending on installed power. The single drive OM 80 has a choice of seven rotors of different configuration this is truly a very flexible producer of many different products. Idea for incorporation with static plants this highly efficient VSI will satisfy the producer with its low cost and excellent production rates.


The Ore Sizer OM 100 is our high production machine with capacities of 100 to 450 ton per hour in normal operations depending on installed power. This twin drive unit has a choice of four rotors with different configurations to give the producer a wide range of duties and production. With stand-alone and fully integrated options with full plant systems, this unit can give most producers the solutions to any production requirements.


The Ore Sizer OM 120 is our largest machine designed for the high production quarries and mining operations. This single or twin drive unit can produce up to 700 tons per hour of product. With a choice if the seven or eight port rotors, and power consumption as low as 0.7 kW per ton this unit can provide solutions to the mining and quarrying companies not previously available. A truly unique advantage in today’s demanding world of high tonnage production..