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Ore Sizer VSI Crushers
Ore Sizer VSI Crushers
Ore Sizer VSI Crushers


As a direct spin-off from the high quality steel welding and fabrication requirements involved in manufacturing the Ore Sizer VSI crusher range we are able to offer our specialist manufacturing skills in other areas of manufacturer. Recent projects have included:
  • high grade pipe work
  • steel security products - fencing etc
  • access structures - walkways, stairways etc
  • doors - security doors, kiln doors etc
  • silos - material handling, bagging, bulk feed etc

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Stainless Steel

Some of the best stainless fabrication in the West of England, specialising in:
  • stainless tanks - food handling, clean material storage, agricultural feed storage etc
  • decorative products - ornamental structures, corporate displays, custom built vehicle and marine ladders etc.

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Similar applications to stainless

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