We are Ore Sizer

Ore Sizer designs, manufactures and ships the OM Series VSI crusher through a global network of over twenty dealers

Making the right shaped product in high volume at the lowest cost is the key objective in fine aggregate production. With headquarters based on the North Somerset coast of England, Ore Sizer (UK) Ltd leads the way with the lowest running cost fine aggregate making equipment on the market.

The Ore Sizer OM Series offers the user a unique ability; to produce a wide range of products with a minimal amount of change to the crusher settings. Adjustments to the feed and screen sizes alone are usually sufficient to achieve a required result.


Maximise Energy Efficiency

Extensive investment in research and development in the design of wear parts the OM Series has the longest working wear part life span of any crusher on the market. Using the latest inverter technology to precisely control product output offers a significant cost saving by controlling voltage, current and frequency


Minimise Operating Costs

Rock-on-rock crushing

Uniform shape. No splintering. Ideal for construction.

Multi-port rotor design

Range of 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 multi-port rotors.

Drop-in wear parts

Unique cassette style wear parts. Changed in less than 60 min.


Custom made & built to last. Typical 20+ year working lifespan.

What Makes Our Clients Happy

1The Rock-on-Rock Crushing Principle

The Ore Sizer OM Series VSI crusher operates the most efficiently with a continuous feed of material resulting in a consistent aggregate quality over the long-term.

This consistency is due to the lining of the crusher chamber walls being protected by a build-up of broken feed material while the machine is being operated at full capacity. The violent impact action caused by the high-speed, rock-on-rock collision of particles within the chamber breaks the feed material evenly without splintering, producing a regular, desirable shaped sand product.

2Eliminating Vibration Problems

The Ore Sizer OM Series is the only VSI crusher to have the crushing unit seated on high-performance, anti-vibration mountings that completely isolate the crusher from the main support frame and the drive motor.

Although other VSI crushers are generally mounted on anti-vibration mountings, the electric motor drive is mechanically bolted to the crusher, the result of which is that all vibration from the crusher is transmitted to the motor, directly reducing the longevity of the motor.

3Multi-port Rotor Design

The Ore Sizer OM Series VSI crusher comes with a comprehensive range of multi-port rotors (3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 ports).

Other manufacturers mainly offer only 3 port designs. The addition of extra ports in a rotor design increases the number of 'rock pulses' that occur during each revolution and consequently increases the efficiency of the crushing action. Additional rotor ports also serve to spread wear and tear over a larger number of tips, lengthening the period between tip changes.

4Drop-in Wear Parts

The Ore Sizer OM Series unique cassette type wear part assembly enables tip plate changes to be completed in less than one hour

Because downtime can be expensive the Ore Sizer OM Series is designed to be easily serviced and maintained. OM Series wear parts are exchanged using 'drop-in' replacements while rotor replacement is quick and easy using the minimum of tools when using our unique ULTRA II rotor design.

Unlike Ore Sizer OM Series VSI, other VSI manufacturers wear parts require custom made bolts that are usually not available off the shelf. Subsequently, changing wear parts and tips on other manufacturers VSI crushers can be an expensive, time consuming process.

5Easy Access

Another cost saving feature is the unique design of its hydraulic RAM top access allowing rapid access to the rotor and crushing chamber.

Replacing rotors and wear parts is a quick and easy task requiring the absolute minimum of labour overhead. The RAM access system is supplied as standard with all models and allows easy and convenient access to the rotor chamber, without the need to remove any internal components. Typical access times to the Ore Sizer rotor will be between 15 and 30 minutes depend ing on the build up of material within the chamber. Other VSI crushers require the removal of the cascade/air transfer assembly (typically weighing about 1.5 tons) to access the rotor and usually require the use of a crane or hoist.


Each Ore Sizer OM Series of VSI crusher is custom made from heavy duty carbon steel and is built to the most extreme of working environments.

Each rotor is dynamically balanced prior to installation for vibration-free operation with a safety interlock and vibration cut-off switch as standard in case of emergencies. The OM Series is built with a deep rock box for optimum crushing performance. The OM Series is constructed from a modular design for ease of transport and on-site assembly. The OM Series comes with optional leg and skid configurations, multiple access platform and stairway options and can be track or trailer mounted to suit any on-site operating environment. Most on-site assemblies are conducted directly from the transport vehicle.